Soujourns: Dead in the Water.

(Photo courtesy: Pinterest) Between the rows of tangled weeds, she floats. It was a clear night, quiet, with the occasional chirp of crickets among the bushes and the slow gurgle of the creek, on which she floats, and which seemed to be flowing towards somewhere unexpected. She loved the water, loved the depth and serenity … Continue reading Soujourns: Dead in the Water.

Soujourns: A Wandering Vessel.

Taking a long, deep breath, she pushed herself forward. Everything around her was a distraction. The rustling of leaves on the trees seemed to make noises of disdain, the hooting of owls mocked her every step, but she kept going. She was aware of these disturbances, and distractions, she knew, were dangerous. But not the … Continue reading Soujourns: A Wandering Vessel.