When The First One In Your Gang Gets Hitched!

If you're a brown woman, who's past her twenties, and have relatives asking "When you getting married?", RAISE YOUR  HANDS AND SAY "HeeeeEEEEEyyyyYYYYY!" I think the true test for any Indian woman is this- wading through questions relating to marriage and coming out completely unscathed. Board Exams? GATE? GRE? CLAT? Pssssssshhhhhhhh, I've passed every variation … Continue reading When The First One In Your Gang Gets Hitched!

Hello, I’m an Illustrator now.

Hello my lovelies, I have now taken up the role of an Illustrator, a doodler/comic artist if you will. I know what you guys are thinking- “Isn’t there anything that WBG CAN’T DO!?” Well yes, the ability to stop bragging about myself, in person, in pen and paper, and also in …….keyboard and laptop. Why … Continue reading Hello, I’m an Illustrator now.

I’m A Siberian Husky!

…………………also a Labrador, an Irish Setter and a Field Spaniel! Unfortunately, I’m human  (for the rest of my life), which means that spending my time eating, sleeping, pooping and sniffing stranger’s butts doesn’t necessarily pay the bills. As most of you know, I LOVE dogs. I’ve always had one ever since I was a baby, … Continue reading I’m A Siberian Husky!

January ’17 – How I fell and got back up….

……………………………….literally. But I don’t want to get ahead of myself so let me start quite formally. You must be thinking, “Isn’t it too early to write a memoir for January since it was, exactly, a month ago? Like, a mere 2 weeks back?” Well, sit down kids, because I’m about to tell you how exciting … Continue reading January ’17 – How I fell and got back up….

My First Tattoo!- and an Interesting chat with the Artist.

Hey guys! For those of you who follow me on Instagram, as you guys know, I got my first ink done approximately two weeks back! For those of you who are not following me, fret not, for here’s a picture: (Pssssst! The username is @hoeofslytherin, it’s best if you follow *wink wink*) I’ve always been … Continue reading My First Tattoo!- and an Interesting chat with the Artist.

Fret Not, For I’m back!

Well, I wasn't really gone, to be exact. I was around. Creeping. Stalking. The usual. I'm ALWAYS here. Watching you. *creepy grin* Anyhoo, I just wanted to let you guys know that I'm done with finals, so I'll be updating and posting regularly now. It's been one hellova month. One hellova semester, rather. I did post a … Continue reading Fret Not, For I’m back!