Let’s Have a Cuppa! – #3

On the third episode of Let's Have A Cuppa! we have Nicole with her very intimate story which she was brave enough to share. Ready? Let's go! Nicole, one half of Crave Life: (Instagram: @crave_life) Hey there Readers of That Weird Brown Girl!  So awesome to meet you. A little bit about me....I am one … Continue reading Let’s Have a Cuppa! – #3

Let’s Have A Cuppa! – #2

On the 2nd episode of Let's Have A Cuppa!, we have the beautiful Victoria, with her story that definitely leaves you pondering about the different people that we meet in our lives! Ready? Let's go! Victoria from To Whom It May Concern: (Instagram: @vickylu1) I’m ridiculously paranoid. I’m one of those people that constantly fabricate … Continue reading Let’s Have A Cuppa! – #2

Let’s Have A Cuppa! -#1

On the 1st episode of "Let's Have A Cuppa!", we have two AMAZING bloggers-Issa and Philip, generous enough to share their stories! Ready to hear them? Let's go! Issa from Music + Heartbeat = Life (Instagram: @eisaous) I met someone recently. I have met people before but not like her. I mean like, I haven't … Continue reading Let’s Have A Cuppa! -#1