My Dream Book Conference Panel!-Author Edition

Hey nerds! So I was reached out by Eventbrite to take part in a super cool project that they're currently conducting, to which I said Yes!  Evenbrite is a software platform for finding and planning conferences, events, in your local area. Here's the gist: "All true bookworms have their dream list of authors they’d love to meet, … Continue reading My Dream Book Conference Panel!-Author Edition

The Ultimate Harry Potter Tag!

I was stalking bloggers that I found under the 'Harry Potter' Tag, and I came upon this super cool tag done by Joliene from The Fictional Reader (check her out!) and me, being the ever competitive and ambitious Slytherin, just HAD TO DO IT. I mean, would any Potterhead pass this amazing tag up? I don't think so. 1. … Continue reading The Ultimate Harry Potter Tag!