When The First One In Your Gang Gets Hitched!

If you’re a brown woman, who’s past her twenties, and have relatives asking “When you getting married?”, RAISE YOUR  HANDS AND SAY “HeeeeEEEEEyyyyYYYYY!

I think the true test for any Indian woman is this- wading through questions relating to marriage and coming out completely unscathed. Board Exams? GATE? GRE? CLAT? Pssssssshhhhhhhh, I’ve passed every variation of “When you getting married?” the moment I turned 21, so throw me my gold trophies already.

In late 2016, one of my best friends, DJ, who I’ve known for 18 years, got engaged. Of course, we screamed, popped bottles, cried, hugged, sniffled, and covered everything that was needed to be covered when your “bff4ever” gets engaged. We always knew she would be the first one to snatch the diamond, so knowing we were right just made us feel even better.

But it didn’t…….hit us. Yet. It didn’t fully register into our heads that DJ, our best friend, will soon be walking down the aisle, saying “I do”, and become a “Mrs.”. It was as though she announced her going on vacation, or getting a job, or something less horrifying than a wedding, no doubt. Ah well, there’s a full year left, is what we thought while decidedly ignoring the surreal news, while looking forward to the bachelorette party.

Speaking of the bachelorette party, yes, to put it short, it was every bit as crazy as a bachelorette party should be. The dares, the dancing, the drinking, (me trying to tame my hair the entire night), getting high, we did it all. Needless to say, she was happy. As happy a woman can be in fluffy handcuffs, blowing on a penis-shaped cake while giving out free lap-dances. Sounds about fun.

Throughout the engagement and the bachelorette, we were still oblivious to the fact that one of us will, officially, enter another important phase of Adulting. We were just happy for more reasons to dress up and partayyyyyyyyyy!

It hit us, 50%, a few days before the wedding, and I remember texting another friend, S, about it and freaking out. And finally, the moment she said “I do”, the nail was hammered into our heads.

For my friend S, the wedding did nothing but instigate the shade thrown her way by her mother, which was hilarious. “See? Even your friend got some sense knocked into her and she’s getting married! I think it’s time for you to try it out, eh?” Oh my god, Aunty talking like marriage is this dress that needs to be tried out.

Meanwhile, here’s what was going on inside my head: Why was I cringeing and going against this whole concept? I mean, it is natural, right? Why was every fibre of my being, right to my core, going against this entire situation? I thought hard…….. and then it clicked.


Being born a woman in India involves fighting the society every single day. Since society deems that a marriage of a woman in her 20s is the “usual route to go”, modern feminists like me, find it irksome. Every mention of it is annoying. What’s worse is the stupid ideology instilled in the brains of our relatives (especially brown aunties) that the moment we enter our twenties, it’s high time we snatch a man and pop out babies. So, I’m guessing, this rebellion that we feel is because of all of this, and the fact that we grew up thinking that this was the right path to take once you’re older. Kind of like “this is what must be done”. And as we grew up, we realized that all of that was just pish-posh old lady talk and we could do whatever we wanted.

Therefore, when you learn that your friend is getting married, you feel happy and irked at the same time, happy for your friend, and irked because the nuisance of society is everywhere, like a shadow.

So, that was my analysis. Moving on to lighter matters, here are some pictures from the bachelorette and the wedding. You may gaze in wonder at my beauty (Red dress- bachelorette; Blue dress-wedding. Oh hell, the only one with curly hair)

The bachelorette was split into two parties: Party #1 was at Whitefield Socials (in Whitefield, Bangalore), where we made her wear a chart paper cut-out of a dress with a bunch of dares that she had to do, for example: ask a stranger to buy you a drink, stop the DJ and announce to the whole crowd that you’re getting married, etc., which was hella fun.

19379892_1489236044469913_2625857973011873792_n  19429467_315192178906937_1886933094825459712_n

19379383_1481595048597109_7545706868430077952_n  19436233_1850713374955579_1774311235483860992_n(1)

Party #2 was a friend’s place where we continued our festivities throughout the night, up until the early hours of the morning.

The Wedding took place at Our Lady of Lourdes church (in Ulsoor, Bangalore) which was a traditional affair, while the reception was at Taj Vivanta (in MG Road) which was a grand one, with a lot of wine and dancing!

19624434_455175771523899_2333748820485079040_n  19534420_1984328168468078_7881398694786891776_n.jpg

19623338_126444504613552_1897353544479014912_n.jpg  19623683_458097387898073_8166224789665480704_n.jpg

Until next time,


WBG :)x


9 thoughts on “When The First One In Your Gang Gets Hitched!

    • That Weird Brown Girl says:

      That’s EXACTLY what they’re doing- “living their lives through the lives of others” and it’s absolutely annoying when they deem that it’s the only best thing, in the world, that a woman can or must do to be happy or fulfilled.


  1. bloggeray says:

    The images do tell the story of times well-enjoyed. Congratulations and best wishes to your friend.
    As for society, I guess that pressure is there for men too, although not as much as for the women. Parents and relatives and general all-and-sundry never stop questioning why one is not getting married and how time is running out. Because hey, offer valid till stocks last! 😉
    Nice read, again. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Samantha says:

    A friend of mine got married last year. I remember sitting there, watching the ceremony, and suddenly wondering what all the fuss was about. All the drama, all the stress, all the “rules” (there were so many rules to obey to – dress codes, manner codes, drink codes, music codes – it got my head dizzy). They seemed to not make sense once they said “I do.” Because in the end, that’s the whole wedding, isn’t it? The “I do” part.

    I still don’t understand why you’d build a whole day around it and make it come off as the Most Important Thing In Everyone’s Lives. That’s when I figured I’m not a marriage-kind of person, lol. If you love each other, that should be enough.

    Having said all that: your pictures look great! It seems like your best friend was having a ball at her bachelorette party, and she looks amazing in her wedding dress! Hope they’ll grow old and happy together 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • That Weird Brown Girl says:

      Maybe “marriage” has a different definition in everyone’s books but the core of it all is the same, ultimately 🙂
      Either way, there’s a buttload of work involved that requires almost half year of planning so god bless the wedding party xD
      And thank you so much! We wish the same as well! 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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