I’m A Siberian Husky!

…………………also a Labrador, an Irish Setter and a Field Spaniel!

Unfortunately, I’m human  (for the rest of my life), which means that spending my time eating, sleeping, pooping and sniffing stranger’s butts doesn’t necessarily pay the bills.

As most of you know, I LOVE dogs. I’ve always had one ever since I was a baby, but since I live in an apartment now, I’m pet-less. Which is depressing since I know exactly what it is that I’m missing in my life. No worries though, I do have plans of turning into the crazy dog-lady once I get my own place. It’d be every dog-lover’s paradise, and my mum’s worst nightmare!

Moving on to your perplexing question about my post title- Why am I a Husky? Has WBG gone insane? Has she finally surpassed the realms of normalcy only to descend into the abyss that is lunacy?

Ha, you wish! The reason for me declaring that I’m a particular breed of dog is thanks to PuppySpot! PuppySpot pinged me with a quiz to find out what dog-breed I would be and what breed I should be getting depending on my personality! It was a cute and simple quiz that was a whole lotta’ fun to do, and if any of you want to try it out, here you go-


So, I got Number 3- The Active Socialite, which I thought was a pretty close approximation to how insane I was. I had a Labrador Retriever sometime back, which is reason enough for me to believe that this result is pretty accurate!

Also, PuppySpot, you owe me a puppy. In fact, send all of them, ship them to me, and don’t even think of leaving a single one out. I’ve been lurking around PuppySpot and I’ve gathered details of all those puppers and doggos. The puppies for sale page makes me want to personally fly all the way and buy them all!

I was that kid who always brought home a puppy that I managed to hide in my school-bag. I would visit my best friend only to spend time with her pup. I loved all dogs- mine, my friends, even all the strays that used to roam and play in front of my old house. My dogs and the strays grew up together so they were this super cool squad that used to terrorize the fisherman, with love of course. Even after the passing of my dogs, I still took care of the strays, and they made sure to walk along with me to the school bus, and even waited till I got off, to walk me home. They were a family of 10, each with a unique personality, and I still remember each and every one of them.

I honestly believe that dogs are the angels that people talk about. We don’t deserve them because the amount of love that our dogs carry for us, we can’t even hold a tiny fraction of it.

True love? Are you talking about coming home to wagging tails, mess all over the floor and the carpet all chewed out? Why, yes, that is definitely true love!

To all the dog-lovers, I urge you to take this fun quiz up, and to the non-dog lovers, GET OUT. Kidding! Take up the quiz for the fun of it!

Let me know what breed you got in the comments!

Till then,


WBG :)x


10 thoughts on “I’m A Siberian Husky!

  1. happygourmand says:

    Thanks for the giggle – as a fellow avid dog lover I thought this post was wonderful. I have to argue against some of the quiz though – my Chocolate Labrador Retrievers (I have had 4 over the years) have all been wonderful loyal companions that did great with training. My current Brown Girl, Ella, has ribbons from the show ring, obedience ring and rally courses. I know tests like this have to generalize, I just want to make sure Brown Girls don’t get generalized. I’m sure you can understand that 🙂
    Keep the wackiness coming!

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  2. Samantha says:

    I got The Loyal Companion.
    One of my clients has 2 dachshunds and another dog whose breed I don’t know (I’m not too familiar with dog breeds). But she’s small and hairy and loves attention, and I love everything that’s fuzzy, so we’re a good match. This Monday, for the first time since I started working there, the always-running-away-from-everyone-because-he’s-scared dachshund FINALLY wanted to sniff my hand! And… he licked it! 🙂 My client was in awe, haha, and I was super happy! Talk about a victory.

    But getting back to the point: if I were to get a dog I’d get an Icelandic Shepherd. Super cute, lots of hair (ohh, the petting sessions! :D) and they are energetic so they could come with me on my runs 🙂

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  3. bloggeray says:

    We had a few dogs when I was young but now, in a different corner of the country, living in an apartment, I am not sure I need a pet. Although, to each his (or her) own, I guess. Get that puppy, like right now. 😉

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