Types of People You DON’T Need In Your Life!

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Let’s get one thing clear- the world isn’t black and white. PEOPLE aren’t black and white. There’s no such thing as bad versus good. What there are plenty of, in fact, are sly little wankers who sugar-coat every little nasty comment and honeyed up Rita Skeeters whose voice drips like sweet syrup but have the capability of giving you a big blow to your head.

Basically, the people that you don’t need in your life are:

  1. People who make plans, and when the day comes, ignores the whole thing while letting it blow over- Thanks, and I’ll just ignore the fact that I owe you ten bucks
  2. People who don’t appreciate it when you change yourself for the better, much less for the best- Stop interfering, I’m trying to evolve into a legendary
  3. People who make fun of your insecurities, even after you overcome it– I’m not asking you to stop pulling my leg, just find something new to pull my leg on. Get original.
  4. People who keep bringing up how the “old you” was so much better than the “new you”– I’m not a packet of milk.
  5. People who don’t order a second round of chicken wings because they’re “full”– Full of what, Helium?
  6. People who tell you that a particular colour doesn’t suit you– I didn’t know I was a house until now
  7. People who try explaining how some body-types shouldn’t wear certain clothes– Let me just use my morphing powers whenever I change
  8. People who drunk-text you all the time, but don’t like it when you give them the taste of their own medicine– Wow, did I overstep my boundaries?
  9. People who don’t eat anything during a hangout– Don’t even be sniffing my plate
  10. People who don’t drink when it’s clearly a drunk-hangout– Just call a cab already
  11. People who try to one-up you with their sob stories– Here’s a Nobel. Now go home
  12. People who insinuate about all the incorrect things that you do– I’d rather hear my Mom complain about my cooking
  13. People who sneer at your fashion/music choices– It’s a “NO” from me
  14. People who order a salad at a Barbeque/Sizzler’s– And I’ll just have a bowl of ice-cubes, thanks.
  15. People who are continuously on their phone while watching a movie- Clearly, the person on the other end is so much more interesting than DiCaprio
  16. People who don’t reply when you text them pictures of the dress that you want to buy– Guess I’ll just have to rob the store to get your attention now, huh?
  17. People who don’t tell you when you have something stuck between your teeth- Next time, it’ll be your flesh after I rip out your throat
  18. People who don’t check your make-up/clothes before heading out- I hope you win a gift voucher to shop at, wait a second….Yeezy’s
  19. People who crop you out of pictures– I hope your hair stylist crops out an inch or two more than what you asked for

And finally,

  1. People who don’t like pets– Are you even human?

There you go guys, and that’s just my list of people that I think would suck out all your good vibes! It’s always better to push them down the stairs…uhh, I mean, out of your life. Yeah. That’s what I meant.

Do you have any more to add? Let me know in the comments!

Until then,


WBG :)x


32 thoughts on “Types of People You DON’T Need In Your Life!

  1. braddahr says:

    Not that I’m particularly close to them but there are those people on the highway who don’t use cruise control so they are constantly speeding up and slowing down.
    Then there are those people who don’t put their phone on mute during a meeting.
    And along those same lines, those who bring their phone out during a meal.

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  2. gobblefunkist says:

    Again, the age factor I think. None of those people matter to me anymore (I am 44). The people I don’t want around are the ones that are constantly complaining about how nothing is ever worth it – it is so freaking tiresome and draining to just be around them and at 44 I seem to be surrounded by them. Oh bother.

    As for (9) – seems to happen more and more with me these days – when I am at a food hangout, I keep refusing all that comes by because either it does not agree with me, or I don’t agree with it. I know I piss people off, but trust me, I’d rather piss people off than face the toilet multiple times after that.

    As for 20 – yes we are. Although why bother? is a different rhetoric altogether.

    Liked by 1 person

    • That Weird Brown Girl says:

      Of course, things change as you grow older. The same weirdos surround you, only now they seemed to have developed new…..traits. But my post may seem superficial, but it’s what I have to deal with most of the time. May not be serious, but annoying just the same.

      Liked by 1 person

  3. joneytalks says:

    Haha I liked number 5. And why are the people not ordering a second round of chicken wings toxic?
    But yes I agree that one should avoid people that are toxic and that do not add to our well-being.
    You are the sum of the 5 people you hang out the most with remember?
    With that said some of those toxic people are unavoidable : family, colleagues, some friends boy- or girlfriend etc.

    Liked by 1 person

    • That Weird Brown Girl says:

      The unavoidable people are the ones whose toxicity do not affect us as much since we love them, I guess. And to answer your question, a person who doesn’t order a second round of wings is delusional. That’s like the equivalent of saying that you hate ice-cream.

      Liked by 1 person

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