January ’17 – How I fell and got back up….


……………………………….literally. But I don’t want to get ahead of myself so let me start quite formally.

You must be thinking, “Isn’t it too early to write a memoir for January since it was, exactly, a month ago? Like, a mere 2 weeks back?”

Well, sit down kids, because I’m about to tell you how exciting January was for me. And I say “exciting” with 50% of sarcasm because I’m a diplomatic person.

I like to look back on January quite fondly, but with a mixture of several mini anxiety attacks as well.

The month started off with my laptop going kaput. I know, right off the bat. But here’s the thing though- I had a feeling that it was about time it went kaput because it had been acting weird last year, and also because I manhandle it a lot. If my laptop was Cinderella, then I’m the evil step-mother. If my laptop was Snow White, then I’m Queen Ravenna (Why am I quoting these fairy-tales? Because I’m hyped for Beauty and the Beast) Basically, I treated my laptop wrong, like a playboy would to a girl. I hit it against the wall, doors, threw it onto my bed, dragged it across tables, and my poor little lappy got her motherboard all knocked up and withered that she finally left me, for good. What’s worse is that all my work, ALL my files, documents, project work, were in this beauty. BUT NO, this isn’t quite the disaster story. Due to my uncanny ability to anticipate the worst, I saved everything, EVERYTHING, onto my external hard disk before D-day. Although that sounds like relief, it wasn’t exactly that. Imagine starting a new semester WITHOUT a laptop. It’s a nightmare for every college student. I was lost for about a week, so instead of coding I tried to do some reading work, which was quite boring. But you gotta do what you gotta do.

Moving on to the title of this post, I bet you thought it referred to some great hardship that I went through which made me stronger. HA! Allow me to defy your great expectations! It’s as simple as what the title suggests- I FELL OFF MY BIKE. Before I explain, to my non-Asian friends, a bike here isn’t a cycle, it’s a scooter. And not the kiddie scooter, more like a Vespa. If Vespa had a badass cousin, that would be my bike. OK, so my project partner and I were travelling to meet our professor, when a taxi-cab bitch swerved us out of nowhere, and which caused me to brake abruptly, leading to my bike skidding out of control, and finally dumping the two of us onto the side of the road. It was pretty comical, really. Nothing serious, but the way we fell was funny as hell. I would’ve been able to hold my ground but the weight of my passenger, as well as two huge and heavy bags, made me lose my balance. The funny part was as I was falling, in that microsecond, I turned around to see if my friend was falling as well, and what cracked me up was the resigned look on her face as she fell. It was something along the lines of “Oh well, here we go” or “I’m falling and there’s nothing I can do about it so let me just fall” It was so FUNNY! The poor thing was carrying both our bags, and she was short, which meant that she couldn’t land on her feet nor her hands, but fell on her shoulder. She fell, like, 2 feet in front of me, as though launched off the seat! So once I finished yelling at the driver and he went his way, the two of us looked at each other……and we burst out laughing. Loudly. In the middle of the road. Covered in dust. We couldn’t stop laughing the whole day, and we kept recounting it again and again and again.

There was a post that I put up quite recently about the Daily Affirmations that I’ve made for myself, something to kick-start the day with. Little did I know that these little buggers seemed to insinuate something more! On the day my laptop conked out, the affirmation was about “accepting things as they are”, AND on the day that I fell off my bike, it was something along the lines of “open yourself to new experiences”. So apparently, I have Cheeky Affirmations that predict things in a rather cunning way for sale, if anyone is interested. Not that I’m complaining, they do give me the push I need every single day, ever since the year began, and here’s how-

My day is packed. Like super-packed. All day. Monday through Sunday. I’m not one to complain but to put it briefly, try juggling University – Project work – Papers, thesis, presentations – An extra course for a career boost – Working out – Eating healthy – Maintaining a social life every weekend – Saving up on money – Keeping time aside to blog and read – Meeting new people – Travelling – Getting a good CGPA – all while staying positive. I don’t even know how I do it. Now you know why I need those affirmations.

Speaking of positive vibes, I went on a wonderful 5-day trip to certain spiritual places with the fam, since my mom already knows I’m going to hell and she’s trying to convince me otherwise. I agreed because I heard the beaches over there were pretty dope. If you follow me on Instagram, you would have seen some pictures, but if you don’t, no problem, here they are-

In conclusion, what I learnt was, and I’m going to put it bluntly and not sugarcoat it, was to quit complaining, and whining, and cribbing and to just keep going. Maybe whine about it for a day, but nobody cares, really. What you’ll get is the satisfaction of having given quite an amazing tantrum, that’s it.

And that’s the story of how I kicked January’s butt!


WBG :)x



26 thoughts on “January ’17 – How I fell and got back up….

  1. Ehmie O. says:

    1) I’m hyped for Beauty And The Beast too!!!!!!!
    2) So sorry about your accident, no serious injuries I hope?
    3) I’m glad you had all your stuff on a hard drive. If I were to lose my computer I’d be finished. I keep telling myself that I’m gonna back my stuff up but I never do smh
    4) You’re a superwoman! Teach me your ways!

    Liked by 2 people

    • That Weird Brown Girl says:

      Haha I can’t wait! I’m sure Emma Watson will bring justice for her role as Belle! Nah, just a tiny twist in my ankle, and my friend grazed her arm, buts it’s cool 🙂 I’ll teach you my ways, young grasshopper, but the first things first-
      1) Think of yourself as a boss-ass bish 💪


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