Vibes, Karma, Affirmations- Testing the Power of Positive Reinforcement!


I choose happiness”, “I’ve decided that I WILL be happy”, “Happiness- it’s a choice that I’ve made”

To be frank, I’ve never really understood the meaning behind the above phrases. Isn’t happiness a feeling, a response that is induced by something or someone that you like? Does it occur only when faced with things that you care about? Or can it also be a decision? Is happiness a thing that you just happened to stumble upon, like a sock or a hat, and think “Hmmm well, I think I’ll wear that today!”? Or do you keep it inside a safe, locked and airtight, guarding it preciously and taking it out only when it’s needed? Can happiness be given out freely, like balloons or candy, to anyone? Or is it something to be guarded jealously and kept only for yourself?

Most of all, how do I choose happiness? Do I call someone? Do I wait till I get compliments from people? Do I keep doing what I love while constantly glancing at the door to see when it, my happiness, will walk in? 50/50? Phone a friend?

What I’ve read and observed from books and people is that when you choose to be happy, it’s not a single step. It ain’t easy. But there are other factors at play, things that help push you onto the right track. Positivity. Motivation. Strength. They’re basically one BIG squad!

We’ve all heard of Karma, Vibes, etc., and all the pish-posh of give it away and you’ll receive your share but how do they work?! Is there some universal being sitting in space wearing a baseball glove, ready to catch some good karma and aim it right back? Forgive me, but my scientific mind cannot fathom as to how this whole thing works! Maybe it’s something unexplainable, and it will remain so till the end of time, until then what I can do is try to test and see if all of this actually works.

What I’ve got in mind for this year, the ever so lovely 2017, are two little projects, or rather experiments: The Good Vibes Jar and My Daily Affirmations

  • The Good Vibes Jar (or Box)

I saw this post on Instagram where, starting this new year, at the end of every week of each month, you write all the good things that has happened to you that week on a piece of paper and place it in a jar. You do this till the end of the year, and on the last day, December 31st, you open each chit and read it, and see what an amazing year you’ve had! I was so on board! It’s like a present to yourself, from the past-you, showing what an amazing life you’ve had, even if you hardly remember the details. What’s more, you’ll be so intent on remembering all the good things that you need to write down, that you’ll end up pushing away all the not-so-good instances, thereby forgetting them in the process. It’s a win-win! Now, I don’t have a jar, but I do have a box. Here’s my beautiful Good Vibes Box-


  • My Daily Affirmations

I’ve read about Affirmations online, and to be honest, I found it weird. Why on earth would I yell at my reflection saying “You’re awesome!” when I already know that? I’ve always been the type to quietly motivate myself, the deep-steady-breaths type, with a silent you can do it! thought in my head when the situation arises. Did it need to be said aloud in order to make it more grounded? Well, they ARE called AFFIRMATIONS. So, I went online to check them out and Holy Cow, were they expensive! Damn, I’d rather have Gordon Ramsey call me an idiot sandwich than pay that kind of money! But in the spirit of the new year, I had an idea to create my very own Daily Affirmations. And to top it off, rather than copy the clichéd ones from the internet, I came up with my own quotes. The ones online were too bleak for me, I needed something that was a little more FEISTY. And Voila! Here’s a picture of My Daily Affirmations, and a sneak peak of a few quotes that I’ve come up with-



So, this looks like the start of quite an unusual year, but a good one nonetheless. I can’t wait to start filling up my Good Vibes Box and read my extremely badass Affirmations!

I’m hoping some of you guys try this too. Hey, I used to be one of those crass, rather uncouth (still kinda am) person who makes fun of people who do yoga, drink out of mason jars, wear t-shirts that had words like “Vibes”, “Spirituality”, “Namaste”, etc,. and look who’s spouting Karma quotes now? ME!

Give it a try and let me know how it goes! Who knows, maybe there is someone out there waiting to aim all this right into your face!

Also, I’m totally imagining people farting out good vibes and fanning it out, like way to go Pooja, way to ruin the moment.

Happy New Year people!


WBG :)x    


25 thoughts on “Vibes, Karma, Affirmations- Testing the Power of Positive Reinforcement!

  1. gobblefunkist says:

    “Hey, I used to be one of those crass, rather uncouth (still kinda am) person who makes fun of people who do yoga, drink out of mason jars, wear t-shirts that had words like “Vibes”, “Spirituality”, “Namaste”, etc,. and look who’s spouting Karma quotes now? ME!”

    Welcome to growing up. For someone who thought meditation was hokum through decades, I am craving for more me-time so I can meditate just a few minutes more now. OF course, I crossed the forties mark a few years ago ….so it could be midlife crisis or perimenopause. But no, I ain’t discouraging you. Its never wrong to seek ways to personal peace.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Muse says:

    I love these ideas! Gonna try them out 🙂
    I didn’t even believe in spiritual ‘things’, but in 2016, I guess I picked it up from the VAST gamut of things, the Internet! Teenage, ya know?
    Thanks for sharing! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Ehmie O. says:

    Oh my! This made me laugh (is that weird? Idk) I think you have such an interesting way of looking at things but anyway I think what you’ve decided to do is an amazing idea and I think I wanna join in. I’ll let you know if I eventually do.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Tiana says:

    This is so awesome! It may feel a bit weird to do the positive affirmation thing, but it is sooo helpful. Even if you already feel positive on the inside sometimes it’s just empowering to remind yourself that ‘Hey, I AM a Badass!’ That you truly are this amazing, powerful, and wonderful human being. Awesome post!

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  5. righteousbruin9 says:

    There is a school of thought called the Twelve laws of Attraction, promoted by a gentleman named Bob Proctor. As he has been a successful businessman, for forty years, I think there is some credence to his dictum. He, in turn, was mentored by one Napoleon Hill, who wrote “Think, and Grow Rich.”

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  6. bloggeray says:

    Those vibes and affirmations are so not my things. I won’t scoff at others who do them, like you (to each her own!) but not me.
    As for the whole “I choose happiness” thing, I think it is a conscious decision. And a bigger one is choosing “not to be disheartened.” I mean, yes it is okay to be sad at times instead of bottling your feelings but not always.
    Heh, I gotta stop before I launch into a soliloquy.

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