Let’s Have a Cuppa! – #3


On the third episode of Let’s Have A Cuppa! we have Nicole with her very intimate story which she was brave enough to share. Ready?

Let’s go!

Nicole, one half of Crave Life:

(Instagram: @crave_life)

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Hey there Readers of That Weird Brown Girl!  So awesome to meet you. A little bit about me….I am one half of www.cravelife.org.  My twisted sister in law and I have a blog about food, fitness, fun, music, movies, and just about anything else…oh! and animals too!  You can follow us there or and on Instagram at @crave_life or Twitter @crave__life
I am a person who lives very much in my head.  To say I over think things is an understatement.  I believe that blogging has given me a voice that I may not have found otherwise.
Growing up, it was hard to find that voice when your parents were of the age group where you just didn’t express yourself freely.  I am sure they thought I was the strangest of the three of their kids. When you can’t express yourself in the ways you really want to, it is very easy to question yourself constantly.  This questioning leads to over thinking and uncertainty in every decision.  I found that I was uncertain about making the ‘right choice’.  When in fact, we often don’t know what the best choice is until after we make it.
A while back I did a Poetry course on WordPress and wrote a poem prompted from the word “Uncertainty”.
I would like to share it with you now.
Step by step the scenarios walk through my mind.
Over and over the endless possibilities of what can happen replay.
The never ending treadmill of potentialities.
Uncertainty; I have learned to live with you.
I know you are invading my mind.
I know the extremes you will go to take me to the edge.
Your grasp is tight and will not let me go.
Helping me grow stronger and unyielding.
Uncertainty: Life’s only certainty.
I still get stuck there, in my head, but am aware when I am there now.  Sometimes it is a nice place to visit, but I don’t want to live there all the time.  Just like anything, learning to take steps forward everyday.

Thank you so much Nicole for responding to this tiny little project! Thank you for sharing your story, I sincerely appreciate the effort!🙂 Guys, go follow her amazing blog and follow on IG as well🙂

If you want to share your story, check out: Let’s Have A Cuppa!

Until then,


WBG :)x



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