Soujourns: Jinx.

Oh no oh no oh no

She dug her hands into her bag and started rummaging around desperately. She knew it was right there, it just had to be.

C’mon… c’mon… ah-HA! 

Her fingers closed around the boney object and with a sigh of relief, she pulled out the necklace, with the rabbit’s foot dangling from it, and wore it around her neck lest another lamp-post comes in her way, AGAIN.

Somewhere down the street, she sees a ladder leaning against the side of a building and skirts around it cautiously. She wanted to get back home in one piece, thank you very much.

She hated it. She hated the fact that she couldn’t go out without her rabbit’s foot clutched tightly in her hand. She hated watching out for ladders. She hated worrying about broken mirrors. She hated all of it.

She wanted to stop. Change everything. But how? Maybe if she stopped wearing that absurd necklace…No, I can’t do that! That necklace prevented her from various cases of face-plants against doors, windows, and even the ground. But that simply means that she’s clumsy, and not jinxed with bad luck. There are tons of clumsy people, aren’t there? What’s another klutz added to the list?

That doesn’t sound so bad, and as she smiles to herself, she hears a low meow come up between her ankles. She immediately stops. Now, she could feel the cat slinking between her feet and meowing again. Her chest tightens with fear and she starts to hyperventilate.

Please please…let it not be…oh please

Gulping, she looks down. A tabby. Just a small, harmless tabby.

That’s it. She takes off her necklace and squats down to pet the cat. The little kitty purrs and reached into her palm and gently nudges the rabbit’s foot with it’s nose. She opens her palm and the cat takes the necklace in its mouth, then looks up at her and trots away.

Feeling slightly better, she skips down the sidewalk. Up ahead, she sees a crew of workers installing an air conditioner beside an apartment window. Smirking, she walks beneath the ladder.

There, that wasn’t so bad now, was it? 

Looking down, she notices a crack on the sidewalk. As she stands there, looking at it, there was a sudden loud screeching of brakes and what sounded like a startled cat. Hearing the commotion, she whips around fast, and the sole of her trainer gets stuck in the crack, causing her to fall backwards onto the ground.

Suddenly, everything slows down. The ladder in front of her starts wobbling and the man carrying the air conditioner loses his balance, and when she looks towards the street, she sees the cat, lying under a car with it’s face towards her and with the necklace still in its mouth. HEY! She looks up to see the source of the call and as she lands on her back, the last thing she sees is the air conditioner falling towards her, growing larger the closer it got to her face.

Where is my rabbit’s foot?


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30 thoughts on “Soujourns: Jinx.

  1. orbb80 says:

    That was kind of brutal, but a good short read. Sometimes superstitions keep us from tempting fate & the main character seemed to be going all out to disprove her beliefs. Thanks for the share 😉

    Liked by 2 people

  2. LG says:

    Thank heavens I am the 14th commentor. Narrow escape.

    Nice story, a little disturbing in the end by its macabre. Cool.

    One small question from the head of a woman who is a language editor by profession – why does the tense jump between the past and present? Is it deliberate? I have seen narration like that before and I have wondered why (besides curbing my professional instinct to unify tense!).

    Liked by 1 person

    • That Weird Brown Girl says:

      Well, we could all do with a little plot twist sometimes! 😉
      Ok, about the tense, to be completely honest, it wasn’t deliberate. Trying to decide on one is hard for me at the moment since certain phrases sound better in the past tense, and some in the present tense! You know they say “write drunk edit sober” right? Well, I was more drunk while editing 😂 But, I’m working on it! I was wondering if you could help? 🙂 Give me some points on how best to unify tenses, so to speak.


  3. Saloni says:

    Oh my god! I am so glad I found a Supernatural fan on the blogosphere! And, I just saw your tweet about Jensen Ackles’s hair weaving too 😛
    PS: Thanks for following my blog. Yours is quite fun!

    Liked by 2 people

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