Soujourns: Priori Incantatem.


*tap! tap!*

*tap! tap! tap! tap!*

Throwing aside her covers, she flung herself off the bed and ran towards her window. For a moment, she saw nothing except for her reflection on the glass. And then suddenly, three orbs, glowing with a dazzling orange light, sprung up in front of her and tapped on the glass. Grinning, she opened the window and they zoomed over her head, and hovered over her bed. Thinking about what her friend had to show her, she walked over to the orbs.

This routine had been going on for quite a while now. Every night, right before she went to sleep, she would get these orbs, or rather coloured memories, from her friends, each of them glowing with a different colour, depending on who was sending them. At other times, she would be the one sending some of her own out, making sure the correct memories reached the right person.

It was a beautiful routine.

But then, as the years passed by, the frequency with which they came, became lesser and lesser, every passing day. It felt more like an irksome job that she just had to do, for the sake of doing it.

She started sending very few out, sometimes none at all, while ignoring the sinking feeling in her stomach, she would turn back to her work.

But what made her heart break was that the warmth of the orbs, if she received any, was mild, and they got colder, the ones she left forgotten at the bottom of her drawer. They turned dimmer and dimmer, and finally, no light shone out of them anymore. Just old, dusty, glass orbs.

What was once an innocent tradition, turned into a burden, and was now left abandoned.

Days passed.

Months passed.

Years passed.

One night, she was sitting on her bed, when she heard a rattling sound coming from the bottom drawer. She looked over and saw the handle shake. Puzzled, she got up from her bed, and moved steadily towards the stand.

Before she could turn the handle, there was a tiny knock on her window. Looking over, she saw nothing but the empty sky.



Heart racing with a familiar excitement, she opened the window and waited.

A tiny little orb, the size of a snitch, fluttered in meekly into her room. She stretched her hand out towards it, and it flew into her palm. Although it was very small, it was blazing with warmth.

About time, she whispered to it, and smiling to herself, she settled back into the old routine, just like she always did, all those years ago.


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11 thoughts on “Soujourns: Priori Incantatem.

  1. judybarton says:

    Quite lovely!
    Thinking about me and “my orbs” I realize that often I have a lot of things to do… or I think that I have a lot of things to do, with a great hurry: so I forget “my orbs”… so I forget myself while my life runs away, far from me…

    Liked by 1 person

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