Being One-dimensional is boring anyways!

Don't let people put labels on you:-):

So, I know it’s 2016, and we’ve gone beyond labels and stereotypes. Heck, look at the numerous amount of gender-biased distinctions that have come up! Basically, we’ve gone past the whole you-wear-glasses-so-you-must-study-a-lot scope, which is good, but even then, there’s still a good amount of stereotyping present in this day and age.

Like, for instance, just last week I had visited a few relatives and had this eye-opening conversation with an aunt:

Aunt: “What are your hobbies?”

Me: “Oh I dance, and do a little theatre sometimes, oh and also…”

Aunt: “Wait..what? Dance? Oh I thought you probably read the encyclopedia in your spare time”

Me: “, why would you think that?”

Aunt: “Aren’t you studying engineering?”

Me: “Yeah?”

Aunt: “So…I figured you’d be studying/reading all the time haha”

Me: “………………”

I am more than just an Engineer! Yes, I know I do study a lot (which is required, considering my field of education), but hell, I do other things too!

I could be a tattoo artist in my spare time! Or, maybe, training to be a ninja? Even better, I could be a spy or a secret agent! The possibilities are endless!

What I’m trying to say is that, people are more than just what they showcase to the world. I’m not talking about how they look, more like what they tend to portray. For instance, you see a guy with a lab coat in his bag and you assume that he’s a doctor, or maybe, a scientist or a lab assistant. You may be right, but he could also be the lead guitarist of a death metal band. Just saying.

I believe that people aren’t meant to be just a plain, old, one-sided object, or a one-dimensional being, if you will. We’re more than that, and we’re capable of being even more!

Now, I’m not trying to say that we should probably dig deeper before we judge, because that would be very creepy. I’m just saying that people should keep their minds open to the idea that a person is more than what they seem. Don’t be quick to assume or jump to conclusions. Maybe, wait a while, you know?

Maybe, if people opened their eyes a little more, really observe and see, there are these little clues that show us what else is present. A hidden poem, a hidden tattoo, a hidden story, a hidden doodle, a hidden drawing, all carefully and cleverly hidden behind the armour that we put on every single day.

I’m more than just a brown girl with glasses and an engineer. I’m more than just all jokes and sarcasm. In fact, I aspire to be even more in the coming days!

You should be, too 🙂  Be more 🙂 Because, being one-dimensional is boring anyways 😉


WBG :)x


45 thoughts on “Being One-dimensional is boring anyways!

  1. Dipti says:

    Hey Pooja 🙂 first of all, thanks for following my blog 🙂 I am trying the blog game 😀 looks like fun.

    And yes I am totally nodding like crazy reading this post :p
    ps: the lab coat guy could also be hurrying home to his hot girlfriend and indulge in some fun costune play lol. Yeah, people could be anything, not just what they seem to portray.. or appear. We do tend to judge, which is useless. Like the other day, someone assumed I was a model ( that zapped me enough) and then on top of that assumed I had an experience with being “stoned”..

    because according to him.. “all models do”

    judgement. :>

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    • Gryffindor Queen says:

      Hey Dipti!
      Thanks for the comment! 😛 and yes, I do love the way you think, the whole hot-doc-role-playing, and that’s lovely! haha! 😀
      Omg STONED? REALLY? That’s just bs coming from a person with a bs mind! Maybe you should nod and show your appreciation to such people, and who doesn’t love being stoned? 😂
      Thanks for stopping by!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Schnauzevoll says:

    True words 🙂 people always are confused when gothy people smile / laugh and they seem to be near panic as soon as they discover i have a spot for glitter and plants XD so yes, you are right, we should not be judging this much…

    Liked by 1 person

  3. JustAnotherTeenager says:

    To all those typical aunties that come to your house specifically to ask you all about your studies. What’s more! In front of your parents.. Yes because that’s exactly what you need, 4-5 grown ups shooting questions right at your face about something that they couldn’t care less about…. ;D

    Liked by 1 person

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