That Weird Brown Girl turns 1!!

And do you know what the PERFECT gift that I got was?!



The current tally would’ve probably changed by the time this gets posted (hopefully!) but HUZZAH! Or something more along the lines of-


To be honest, I thought my reader number would go up till around 500, max! But this?! It’s like double of what I expected! I am MINDBLOWN. POOF.

OK, so first of all, thank you guys for the follows, the comments, and the likes! There’s nothing better than interacting with my WP brethren.

The mindset that I had on my writing is taking a more serious shape, and it’s all thanks to you guys, really, it’s a pretty major factor to where all this is headed.

Also, I vow to come up with even better posts (I’m already better, so….betterest? Oh wait, that’s best), a little bit of the funny (my wit is outstanding), a little bit of the rants (so is my anger), a dash of motivation (Aw yeah!), with a zap of soul (Oh baby!), but overall, make you guys fall even more in love with my writing! (*snort* as if you guys aren’t already!)

So, beers for everyone! You may leave those expensive and *cough* illegal *cough* presents by the spots marked “FOLLOW”, “LIKE” and “COMMENT” (And that, children, is how you throw around publicity!)


WBG :)x


96 thoughts on “That Weird Brown Girl turns 1!!

  1. lilshaggy says:

    I’d been thinking of something, I’d like to know your honest opinion about it :
    Mostly we are able to interact with our WP Brethren through comments, and comments only. Would something like a common space for all followers help more? Perhaps a chatting application through which you could have more meaningful conversations with your followers / commenter(s) and wouldn’t pollute your blogpost’s scroll (“oh so long and so many comments, scroll scroll scroll”)?

    Liked by 3 people

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