Soujourns: A Solace between Battles.

Saav and the Dragon by artist Mingchen Shen.:

                                                           (Photo courtesy: Pinterest)

Stepping over the enemy’s broken body sprawled beneath her feet, she quickly began to walk towards the door. Behind her, she could hear the clang of swords clashing, people screaming, and somewhere far beyond the mountains, she heard the mighty roar of the dragon that shook the Earth.

No, not right now, no! she thought to herself. She broke into a run, and before she knew it, she was right in front of the door. Placing her hand on the knob, she quickly turned it, pulled it open and stepped inside, but not before she felt the huge beast’s footsteps shake the ground.

When the door closed with a huge thud, she was immediately aware of the familiar silence. Removing her helm, she took it in, as though the silence was an actual physical thing, like water, which she drank in a haste.

She looked to her right. There was her bed, and to her left was her table. She smiled at the cozy sight in front of her. She removed her sword, in its sheath, along with her armour and helm, and placed them on her bed. Walking over to the table, she picked up her steaming mug of coffee, the book that she was currently reading, kicked off her boots, and curled up in the bean bag.

Despite being completely immersed in the book, she could still hear the chants of the orcs, the catcalls and the jibbers, calling her a coward and asking her to come out and face them all. She shook her head and muttered Idiots. She then placed her earphones in to tune out everything.

10 beautiful minutes that seemed to last a lifetime.

She took her earphones out, stood up, dusted herself off and walked over to her bed. Steadily, and with a renewed heart, she stepped into her armour and boots, and carefully placed her helm over her head. Lifting her sword, she looked at her reflection. Strong….tired, but strong. 


I’m coming for you.

She turned the doorknob, and stepped out.



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29 thoughts on “Soujourns: A Solace between Battles.

  1. spartacus2030 says:

    Yes I thought that imaginative! I like Sci-Fi! It DID capture my interest all the way through, and the ending was capped nicely, leaving the reader to envision the next scene! Bit’s and pieces of the Character so far. Will there be more?

    Liked by 1 person

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