Soujourns: A Wandering Vessel.

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Taking a long, deep breath, she pushed herself forward.

Everything around her was a distraction. The rustling of leaves on the trees seemed to make noises of disdain, the hooting of owls mocked her every step, but she kept going. She was aware of these disturbances, and distractions, she knew, were dangerous.

But not the sky. Oh no, not the sky, the inky black canvas sprawled with millions of twinkling, shining stars. She slowed down to a stop and looked up, and felt her heart swell up with a feeling so exorbitant, that it was hard for her to pinpoint what exactly it was that she felt at that moment. The vast, open sky, gave her a sense of being incomplete, while at the same time, made her feel free.

With the world trying to mould her into a box that she would never fit into, shape her into something that she would never bend into, the incompleteness of the sky made her feel sane. The sky never ends. Nothing about it is final, or finished. It changes every single minute, and yet, never comes to a full stop. That’s how she knew she felt, deep inside her bones. That’s what she believed in, that every single soul is incomplete and never stops being a one dimensional thing.

It was easier to breathe now. She inhaled, and holding her breath, started counting with her eyes closed.

One, two, three…..

With every count, she felt the strange, yet familiar sensations embrace her whole being. The bliss, the wonder, the knowledge but with every passing count, they seemed to tighten around her chest. The sadness, the anxiety, the pity. Despite the strange myriad of visions, she kept counting. Despite the blackness she felt looming behind her, despite the whispers, the mockery, the love, she kept counting.

And then quite suddenly, everything went quiet. She opened her eyes to look up at the fireflies that glimmered above, and exhaled long and hard. The night sky started to dissolve, and as she looked back down, all the trees and the ground beneath her feet kept breaking into tiny pieces.

And yet, the road in front of her never shook, never wavered. She smiled.

Taking a long, deep breath, she pushed herself forward.



34 thoughts on “Soujourns: A Wandering Vessel.

  1. Karmughil Vannan says:

    A wonderful post. I have felt the same way when I was lonely back in 2012-2013 in Kansas. Stars and Skies in the night times and Green Grass/Trees and Flowers in the day times. I just loved it. And thanks for the follow on my blog. Much appreciated Brown Girl! 🙂 Would love to have your visits very often on my blog. Big Thanks Girl! 🙂 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  2. @cf_fairfeld says:

    P. S. — Don’t approve this comment, I don’t want it shown… *ahem* I ain’t finding fault or anything, but you might want to check the spelling of the title, I’m afraid. I think it’s “sojourner” not “soujourner”, but again, you might want to check! Or maybe stick with “soujourner” because it sounds different? XD Sorry lol, just wanted to let you know. Plus you might want to know that as of now this is one of the best posts you’ve written! 😀 Love ❤ C. F.


    • Gryffindor Queen says:

      Hey! So, yeah, “to sojourn” means “temporary stay”, right? So, I’m starting a collection of short stories called “soujourns”, which basically implies, that these are temporary thoughts that just flit through my mind on a random basis. Get it? So, that word, “sojourns” is in context to the collection of short stories, and not to this particular piece! 🙂
      Got it? 🙂


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