Tea Time With My Period-Part 2.

Before you start reading this, do check out Part 1- Tea Time With My Period, because, what kind of a person would you be if you read a Part 2 without checking out Part 1? A whacko, that’s for sure. So check it out, and don’t you be CRAMPing my style. (Did you see that? HA :D)


DAY 1:

PERIOD: Hey, just here to tell you that I’m not visiting you this month.

ME: Oh. Okay. But I’m not pregnant, right?

PERIOD: Oh no no, everything’s fine. I’m going away this month. Got my bags packed and everything.

ME: Oh that sounds lovely! Where will you be staying?

PERIOD: *throws bags on my face*


ME: Yes. Yes you did.


DAY 2:

PERIOD: Wow…it’s pretty cold today, isn’t it?

ME: Uh-huh

PERIOD: You know what would be perfect right now?

ME: Pray tell

PERIOD: Cuddles! Imagine cuddling with someone right now!

ME: Uh….

PERIOD: Oh. Um. Yeah. You’re forever alone, I forgot.

ME: Well-

PERIOD: And you’ll be dying alone. Totally forgot. Pardon me!


DAY 3:


ME: Would you stop doing that?!

PERIOD: Fine, I will, if you feed me!

ME: Gah! Fine, I’ll make you a sandwich!

PERIOD: A SANDWICH?! PSSSSSHHH! I spy with my little eye a packet of Mars bars

ME: Fine. But just ONE

*12 bars later*

PERIOD: *burp* Thanks man

ME: …………..

PERIOD: Soooo….about that sandwich?


DAY 4:

PERIOD: Well, YOU seem awfully happy today?

ME: Well, it sure feels like a good day!

PERIOD: It sure does! Hey, by the way, remember all your pets?

ME: They’re-


ME: It’s been a while but-

PERIOD: *whispers* they’re never coming back.


DAY 5:

PERIOD: Well, this is good-bye, then

ME: About time

PERIOD: Give me a hug will you?

ME: sure

*goes in for a hug*

PERIOD:*whispers into ear* Oh and your favourite Star Wars jammies?



AaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaND SCENE.


WBG :)x


47 thoughts on “Tea Time With My Period-Part 2.

  1. kimboxin says:

    You crack me up! I have some older posts you might like, but I’m not going to paste the links, because we just ‘met’ and I don’t want you to think I’m trying to self-promote on your blog. Look them up if you’d like. I think the titles are The PMS Inn, and Period Monster.

    Liked by 1 person

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