Crying for Alan Rickman or Snape?

Originally, I planned on posting about a completely different topic, but things took a massive turn when I heard the news about the death of Alan Rickman.

My first reaction was “Pfffffffft” and a google search. It smelled fishy. “English actor dies at 69 from cancer”? Really? David Bowie just died, from cancer, at the age of 69. It was highly possible that it was some stupid hoax created by some idiot.

And then I was texting my Potterhead friend about it. She too was pretty convinced that it was a death hoax.

Finally, I went back on google and there it was. Splashed all across the website, the news from BBC, The Guardian, Dailymail, etc. Sigh.

To my surprise, I felt tears beginning to fall. Now, REALLY? Why would I cry for someone I didn’t even know? Sure, he was a great actor and he seemed to be an amazing person, but why would his death affect me this way?

And then, it came to me. The weird sadness that I felt for this man.

Alan Rickman played the role of a person I’ve loved, and misunderstood, but mostly, whom I knew so much about. I may not have known Rickman, but I knew Severus. Oh yes, I did, and I loved him. Harry Potter was my childhood, as it was to most of you’ll, so the effect the death of a character can have on you is, well, understandable.

I guess it felt like I was reliving Snape’s death. For the second time. You grow up watching these people portray characters that make you want to punch them in the face, while at the same time, cry for them. And as kids, these feelings were much more stronger.

What I mean to say is, as adults, we obviously separate the actors from the characters they play, right? But kids don’t. It’s the same person. And it still is for me. Alan Rickman was, and will always be, Severus Snape. Hence, this death just scarred my scar. Like a scar on a scar. Huh.

Well, raise your wands for the Half-Blood Prince. May he rest in peace.


P.S: What’s your favourite Severus Snape moment/quote/chapter? Mine is, obviously, The Prince’s Tale. 🙂







35 thoughts on “Crying for Alan Rickman or Snape?

  1. John Guillen says:

    I don’t know if I have a favorite quote from Snape because I saw all the movies BEFORE reading the books. So I thought he was a prick basically the whole time just for the sake of being one. But he’s definitely one of the characters I think of when I think of the series. Along with only a handful of others.

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    • Gryffindor Queen says:

      Snape’s character was one of the best to be ever written. As a reader, I think we went through similar emotions because of this man. But the fact that Alan Rickman got to play him was the best decision ever


  2. Rangelz says:

    When I read the heading, I thought you were about to focus on how people were saddened mostly because of the character he portrayed rather than the man – Alan Rickman’s death. 🙂
    You put it so well. It is difficult to tell them apart which is why I ensured that my tribute did have two parts. Not to give clarity to the readers, but to give clarity for myself. I felt it too. The pain.

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  3. Mithai Mumblezz says:

    This was a major shock.
    Alan Rickman was a great personality and a wonderful actor.
    And he was also Severus Snape.
    There would have bee no HP without Snape. And no Snape with out Rickman.
    Can’t believe he’s no more.
    May his soul rest in peace.

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  4. LG says:

    I had a crush on Alan Rickman as Snape. I have a crush on Snape too. I believe I teared up when I heard the news.
    My favourite Snape moment? Occlumency lessons.
    “Fools who wear their hearts proud­ly on their sleeves, who can­not con­trol their emo­tions, who wal­low in sad mem­ories and al­low them­selves to be pro­voked so eas­ily – weak peo­ple, in oth­er words – they stand no chance against his pow­ers! He will pen­etrate your mind with ab­surd ease, Potter.”

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