#POTTERVENTURE – Help Me Trend This!

Hey guys!!

So I’m back on Twitter after three years! THREE FREAKIN’ YEARS. Apparently, my old account got locked due to some unknown reason, and, GAH! was I annoyed! I had my withdrawal symptons because I’m a professional fangirl, and what’s a fangirl without her beloved platform for fangirling!? But, time heals old wounds. I was OK and I moved on…


BUUUUUUUUUUUT, last night I went on Twitter, on an impulse, and created a new account!! 😀 Man, did I miss my blue li’l birdie!

Getting back to the ACTUAL post-

A few weeks back my pen-pal and I were discussing about how we should go on a Harry Potter adventure together! To places like the WB Studio tour, the theme park in Florida, King’s Cross, etc,. As soon as we start earning, of course! I mean I’m so jealous of people living in Europe, you guys just have to hop over to Great Britain! Hmph. So we started this thing called POTTERVENTURE and left it at that.

A few minutes back, literally, I had a brain wave on getting this to trend so that Potterheads all over the world can plan a trip and maybe, just maybe, we can get together and have something like a HPCON  or a festival, like coachella, were we all just fangirl and cry and talk about theories and have HP Marathons. OMG this is just rolling off my tongue (or fingers haha!)

So, you guys, MY LOVELY, BEAUTIFUL FOLLOWERS, If you guys are on twitter and are big Potterheads, please do follow me and help trend this! Or if you’re not, simply follow me 😀 I’m funny ok? My tweets are worth your 140 characters.

So, my username is- @thatWBG and trend #POTTERVENTURE. I’m so silly, my Twitter timeline is right there on the right hand side of my blog! Scroll down a teensy bit more…..found it? Cool 🙂

So, I’d really appreciate this you guys!

Cheers and Mischief Managed!

WBG :)x


5 thoughts on “#POTTERVENTURE – Help Me Trend This!

  1. dauntlessdream says:

    I’ll follow you! 🙂
    Living in London, it’s easy for me to go to the studios but expensive so I’ve never actually been, regardless of my Harry Potter obsession XD

    Liked by 1 person

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