200+ follows!- And a wrap-up of tidings! (August 2015)


I should be studying right now but LITSTNCTPF – Life Is Too Short To Not Celebrate Two-hundred Plus Follows, or, in other words, HELL NAW.

So, due to my lack of creativity at this very moment (it’s rare, mind you), I decided to do a monthly wrap-up of my going-ons. It’s also a kind of recap for me, since I haven’t had the time to stop and think. Honestly, I haven’t had the time to hit life’s PAUSE button yet. So let me take this time to appreciate and review some of the smallest, but significant things, that have happened this month!

  1. I got accepted at an A+ accredited university, which is the Indian version or the equivalent of an Ivy League University, for my Master’s degree in Engineering!

I STILL have NO IDEA how this EVEN happened! No, honestly. I get a call saying I got shortlisted for the interview, about 2 days before my UG Finals. I wasn’t even prepared for the interview but, BUT, I answered a few questions. I made them laugh though, the panel of lecturers. Thrice. So, I guess they decided they could do with a few giggles now and then and got me in. Haha! But in all seriousness, I am so thankful. Because during that time, none of my plans were working out. So, I thought I would work for a few months and apply to universities abroad next year. Now I don’t have to waste 6 months doing nothing! Whew!

And I know what some of ya’ll are thinking. “She’s Indian, of course she’s an engineer”. Well-

a) I joined engineering because I WANTED to and I love science.

b) Stop stereotyping dawg. *Shame*

2. I started working out (June 24th, to be exact) and I can see actual, physical, changes!

This was a major commitment. No, I don’t diet. I should be, for faster, better results but THAT’S a whole other commitment. Bitch, don’t make me betray my food. So, yeah, I’ve been going running or I use the treadmill, and I do some basic cardio at home. It’s the second month and I can see my arms getting toned! Like, WOW. All the fat’s beginning to hang loose and when I flex, my arms be poppin! OOoooh yeah! I read somewhere, I think on Pinterest, that “when you start seeing the changes, you get addicted” Man, this couldn’t be more true! It took a lot of patience and major pissed off thoughts and then one day, I shoved them all aside and was like “Screw it” and just kept working out without expecting anything. Well, there you go. Stop Overthinking and Expecting too soon boo.

  3. I read 3 books on my current TBR list!

This is why I’m super happy and super satisfied! I never get the time to READ. UGH. And it’s something I LOVE. So, as soon as my finals ended, I bought and read A Thousand Splendid Suns, Name of the Wind and The Shining. Finite and super content now. *sigh* Do you guys want me to review the books or the authors? Let me know!

  4. I made a new internet friend who is from Chile!

So, my internet best friend is this cutie named Tanya who lives in Melbourne. We met through twitter, around 3 years back, and we’ve been friends ever since! We started sending each other mails and gifts and everything!


Now, there’s this app called 9chat where I met this super cool dude named Valentine! And we’ve been talking since then! He’s awesome (STOP SMIRKING YOU JERK) and I found another internet buddy!

Lol, remember when our parents warned us not to talk to people on the internet? HAR HAR HAR!

   5. I have something literary-oriented in the works!

I will let you guys know about it when the time’s right! 😀

6. My blog views are shooooooooting sky high! BOOM SHAKALAKA!


That’s right people. I’m famous now.

And, lastly,

7. 200+ Follows!


*inserts same sappy speech from when I hit 100+ follows*

Haha, KIDDING! But THANK YOU guys for reading and checking out my blog! Thanks for all the advice and the comments and the follows! I wish I could talk to you guys more because I’ve noticed some veerrryyy interesting characters! So, TALK TO ME ABOUT ANYTHING, OK? 🙂

So, that wraps up August! What I listed above are just small things that I’m grateful for!

The life-changing lists will be coming soon, just wait a few more years 🙂

Cheers, beer and rock’n’roll (so cliched *tsk*)

WBG :)x


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