Disagreeing with the Professor of “UN-LEARN 101”!

I know I said that I’m super busy and that I’ll be posting only on the weekends, but I just HAD TO get this out.

So, in this semester, I have a course called “Cultural Education”. As the name suggests, I simply assumed we would be interacting with and learning about the different cultures of some of our students here, Indian as well as non-Indian. But apparently it was a class on “how to un-learn” and “happiness” and “discovering one’s true self” and the “meaning of life”. But I was fine with it and thought it’d be pretty cool to attend the sessions and see what it was all about. (oh and this course had credits so I HAD to attend)

The class started off with all of us spread out on the lawn and the lecturer seemed really chill. He was trying to “get down with the youngsters”, his exact words. He wanted us to speak out and disagree with him on ANYTHING. When I heard that, I was suddenly interested, since I had opinions on almost everything around me and I loved talking.

During the second session, he started on the topic of “Happiness”. So, get this, according to him, there are two types of happy people. Type 1: people who gain happiness and type 2: people who lose happiness. So I, like you, naturally thought the types showed the basic difference between people who run behind happiness and people who make others happy.

BUT NOOOOOOO. What he explained was that the type 1 people were those who fluctuate between happiness and sadness drastically. Like, they’re at both extreme ends of the scale, while type 2 are the people who don’t express emotions as dramatically as type 1.

Excuse me, but WHAT? I raised my hands and said, “Mr. dude, you just pointed out different personalities and not types of happy people”, because, obviously, everyone could figure THAT out. And do you know what he said. He goes: “I think you got the whole point wrong.”


“So, what exactly is the point Sir?”, I ask. He answers, “the point is that my definition of happiness is exactly what I said”, and he goes on to illustrate how the type 1 people are the worst group and, get this, they’re all depressed inside and also that they put on an act just to show everyone they’re all so happy and that type 2 people, since they’re so chill, they can be trusted.

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OH MY GOD. I wanted to just get up and punch his stupid mouth and shove back all the crap that he was spouting right up his ass. I was so fuckin agitated when he kept talking like DUDE WTH ARE YOU EVEN SAYING LIKE WHAT SHIT! Seriously I knew I had to say SOMETHING,at the very least!

So, I remained calm and this is what happened:

“Sir, what I think you’re trying to say is that Type 1 are people with materialistic happiness and type 2 are people who share happiness with one another.”

“No, what I’m saying, is that the people who get excited and depressed on a large scale just pretend to be happy”

“Sir, I disagree. Everyone is different. Maybe the type 1 people are extroverts while the shy type 2’s are introverts”

“No, type 2’s are calm and content. You can trust these people”

And now a few of my classmates join in

“Sir you can’t just conclude saying people who are loud and expressive are untrustworthy while the shy ones are trustworthy.”

“Type 1s pretend”

(Me) “But sir, you can’t judge how happy someone is based on their character! That’s just silly!”

(Classmate1) “Sir, so essentially, what you’re trying to say is that, if you happen to express your feelings loudly, you tend to be…..unhappy?”

“Yes. You’re only PRETENDING to be happy”

(Me) “But sir, some of us are loud and obnoxious here, you can’t just point at us and say that we’re unhappy!”

(Classmate2) “I second that”

“the two of you seem so self-assured. Are you type 1 or type 2?”

(Me) “None! There’s no such concepts of classification at all!”

(Classmate3) “Yeah! I mean I’m happy all the time!”

“That’s it! TIME-OUT! You don’t get to speak for the next few sessions!”

“WHAT!? You said we could disagree with you on anything!”

“Don’t speak out of turn”

“But this isn’t fair!”

“QUIET. That’s it. End of discussion. You guys are not allowed to talk in the next few classes!”

Like, W.T.F? What kind of batshit crazy thing is this!? Naturally, being a proud and arrogant woman, I spent the remaining lecture mentally abusing him and exchanging “Are you kidding me?” glances with classmates 1,2 and 3.

And so we decided to ditch his classes this week! We simply have to submit some bullshit assignment at the end of the semester and oooooohhhhhhh, am I going to rip that ish! I’m going to writes everything against whatever he says and wait and see how he’s going to mark it.

Anyways, that’s all. See ya’ll in the weekend!


WBG :)x


12 thoughts on “Disagreeing with the Professor of “UN-LEARN 101”!

  1. Katya ♥ says:

    Oh my god what?! *gets down with the kids by being a controlling adult and not listening to their arguments*
    so glad your classmates were just as put-off by him, safety in numbers when it comes to these deluded authority people. Good luck on that paper, please kick mega butt.

    Liked by 2 people

  2. @cf_fairfeld says:

    As Oscar Wilde said, some people bring happiness wherever they go and some, whenever they go. Any use telling your lecturer that? 😜
    And yeah, PLEASE PLEASE ace that paper. Our prayers be with you. 😅

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Elusive Trope says:

    Obviously he was hurt (betrayed) by some who he referred to as Type 1. So he develops this asinine theory. As if you can divide people into two groups. My dad once said there are two types of people, those who play tennis, and those that don’t. Such a division is ridiculous just as the professor’s, and which only goes to show that even the dense can get a degree. We all move through happiness and sadness, but what about joy (which is different than happiness) and despair (which is different than sadness). And to say you can’t talk for the next few days adds to his incompetence as a professor. Okay now I’m getting too angry (esp that this person is allowed to teach) that I will end my rant.

    Liked by 1 person

    • gryffindorqueen says:

      When I saw the length of your post, I immediately assumed you had this awesome argument all ready xD needless to say, I’m glad you saw the issue. It’s like, in an argument, one person says “I’m just generalizing” while the other says “you can’t just generalise”. Maybe he sees the world in black and white, good and bad. Anyhoo, doesn’t matter, it’s only for one semester 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

  4. Gaurav Chaplot says:

    That is the stupidest teacher I’ve ever heard about in my entire freaking life! I so want to dropkick him across the galaxy! Loud people are not untrustworthy! Damn, half of my friends are loud and obnoxious, he can’t call them all untrustworthy! So much for “getting down with the children”.

    Liked by 1 person

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