Tea Time With My Period.

DAY 1:


ME: *gasps* “Why the hell would you do that?!”

PERIOD: “What? I was just saying Hi.”

ME: “You can say Hi without the need to punch my lower abdomen!”

PERIOD: “Oh c’mon, you’re my best buddy! Give me a hug, come on now…”



ME: “I hate you.”

PERIOD: “Atleast you ain’t pregnant!”


DAY 2:

PERIOD: “Soooo, whatchu going to wear for the party?”

ME: “I don’t know, my black dress, maybe..”

PERIOD: “Girl, wear the white one. White is SO your colour!”

ME: “I’m not so sure..”

PERIOD: “Try it on! There you go! You look incredible!”

ME: *blushes* “Really? Well I guess I’ll go with the white!”

PERIOD: “Good…Oh wait, I’m about to sneeze..”

ME: “Wait, WHAT?!”

PERIOD: “Ah…ah…”




PERIOD: “Oops”

ME: “Black dress it is”


DAY 3:

PERIOD: “Look, chocolate cake!”

ME: “I’m on a diet”

PERIOD: “Yeah I know, but it’s CAKE”

ME: “I’m not even hungry so shut up, will you?”

PERIOD: *grumbles*

ME: “Stop that!”

PERIOD: “Just a small piece, c’mon now. Screw diet for the day”

ME: “Fine. Just a small piece”

PERIOD: “You know, there are a million kids around the world starving and you’re just going to waste the goddamn cake? Shame on you girl”

ME: *burp* “Fuck you”

PERIOD: “Great. Now you’re a fat mess. You need to go cry about that.”


DAY 4:

PERIOD: “OOoohhh clean underwear! Smells good!”

ME: “I know right!? It’s my favourite….oh shit.”

PERIOD: “What did you say?”

ME: *gulp* “Nothing”

PERIOD: “Those are your favourite undies?”

ME: *whimpers* “Please don’t.”

PERIOD: *smirks* “Well well well”

ME: “No, I’m begging you! Don’t! NOOOOOOOO!”


ME: “Noooooooooooooooooo!”


DAY 5:

ME: “Hey boo, it’s time!”

PERIOD: “Yeah”

ME: “I’ll miss you”

PERIOD: “Maybe I should stay for another two days”

ME: “What?! No way! I mean, you have a lot of work to do, so you should get going!”

PERIOD: *hoists bag* “Well, bye then”

ME: *controls joy* “Good-bye!”

PERIOD: “I have a present for you”

ME: “Really? What is it?”

PERIOD: *smirks*

ME: “Oh no…”



And, scene.

WBG :)x


64 thoughts on “Tea Time With My Period.

  1. coffeeandfeminism says:

    This is super cute!
    I loooove period humor!!! I think it’s really important for all of us to share these funny anecdotes, and the not so funny stuff about periods, too!
    I would love it if you’d check out my period poem:
    Also, you should check out Dominique Christina’s spoken word period poem here:

    She does a lot of amaaazing spoken work poetry, I’m like obsessed ❤

    Liked by 1 person

  2. LG says:

    I miss your menstrual posts. They are a bonding medium between me and my daughter, who joined the bandwagon recently. Keep ’em coming, and you will be blessed with the karma of binding a peri-menopausing mom and her just-menarched daughter.

    Liked by 2 people

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