First Embarrassing Rant.

(WARNING: This post contains words associated with “feelings” and “emotions”  but delivered in a pretty awkward manner. Known to be pretty emotionless, this is a first. My first emotional rant. So, if you’re expecting giggles, get out. Just kidding! I have other funny posts that you can check out. Be nice, because, it is equally hard and awkward for me to type this.)

So, I’m at that age, where, half my friends are already well into serious relationships, with one of them being happily engaged, while the other half aren’t, although they’re well out of one. I’m happy for them, no, really, nothing makes me more happier than seeing them gush about and such. And what’s more, each of their significant others are really cool people! I’ve met them all and I really liked them, irrespective of whether their relationships worked out or didn’t.

But sometimes, SOMETIMES (a.k.a not frequent) I feel a little insecure. Sometimes, I kind of…..envy them. Dear Lord, this is embarrassing. Ok, *sheds away inhibitions for a few minutes*

Yes, I envy them. Why? Because they all have someone in their life who loves (*cringes*) them. Sure, I have had crushes but those were CRUSHES. That’s just valid stalking. And sure, I have awesome friends who care about me and stuff. But where’s MY SOMEONE? My SOMEONE who understands all the Harry Potter and the other geeky references, who gets excited about easter eggs found on Tumblr, who has nuclear level geek meltdowns along with me?

No, is it because I’m not paying attention? Because I can be pretty observant. Look, I’m not trying to garner sympathy or attention, I was just simply wondering. Huh.

I spoke to my mom about this (after she checked my temperature thinking that maybe I’ve completely lost it) and she simply said that my time will come. Honestly speaking I’m not the type to be worrying about this shit, but sometimes I wonder about where my epic love story at! Everyone I know have had their shares, big and small, but where’s mine?! Am I supposed to wait or is it going to magically happen?! Haha, I have no idea.

It’s just nice to not feel alone sometimes.

There! I’ve got it all off my chest. Now, fair warning to you readers, IF you know me, like in actual life, do not, I repeat, DO NOT mention this post to me, EVER or I will punch you. But that doesn’t mean the others, the ones who know me only virtually, don’t comment. Please do, let me see what I can take from your wisdom 🙂

Cheers! :)x

WBG :)x


15 thoughts on “First Embarrassing Rant.

  1. shiivani says:

    I KNOW EXACTLY HOW YOU FEEL. After a point, it just sort gets out of hand and start questioning yourself. It’s just. . . what do you dislike about me that you like about all my friends? Are they all THAAAAT much better? I know you shouldn’t base your self-worth on the opinion of someone of the opposite gender, (or same gender if you happen to be gay. Whatever.) But still…

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    • gryffindorqueen says:

      Haha I KNOOOOWWW. That’s why I kept mentioning the fact that I’m pretty confident about myself, I know who I am, and etc. And that I don’t lose sleep over what another person thinks about me. It’s just….meh. idk. Haha.


  2. Meghna says:

    I GET YOU. I try to involve myself in lots of other things and things that I love, like dancing and music and writing but sometimes I can’t help but notice how all my friends have dates to dances or giggle about that one person in their life. But I like to think that the best love stories are the ones that happen when you least expect them 🙂

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  3. Abby Z. says:

    It absolutely happens exactly when you are least expecting it. It just sounds so cliché to say that but it is beyond true. I can tell you the full story but only if you want to hear. Basically it took a long time of me being the only single one of my friends and feeling sooooo lonely before my person came around. Also, don’t settle. You don’t seem like someone who would, but I’ve seen too many of my friends initiate relationships with bad people just to have someone and try to feel those feelings, and I don’t think it is worth it to force something. The perfect and perfectly geeky person for you is definitely out there and I believe it will happen when it is supposed to, which for some people just takes a little bit longer!!

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    • gryffindorqueen says:

      Honestly, Abby, I believe that. I believe there’s a time and place for everything and I’m perfectly fine with it! It’s just that there are days when I’m feeling a little under the weather and when I’m less confident. I don’t let it get to me but, yeah, it made me a bit skeptical about the entire situation. And yes, I would love to hear your story!! I’m all ears!

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      • Abby Z. says:

        I had many, many days like that. You’re brave for writing about it and sharing your feelings with us!!

        I just wanted to share what happened to me so maybe during these bad days you can stay hopeful. I was having an especially rough time in my last semester of college because all 3 of my apartment-mates were in serious relationships and I was spending so much time just by myself… if I was invited either with them or other friends it was worse, sometimes I’d be not just the third wheel on a night out but like the 11th or 13th. And it DOES affect confidence so much. I ended up being “set up” by one of my roommates and her boyfriend thinking that one of his frat brothers and I would get along so they made sure we sat together at her birthday dinner. They meant it more just so that we could keep each other company/make friends while the rest of our group was all coupled up but of course you know how it goes and after one night of hanging out, 4 short years later we were the first couple in our group to be married. Seriously the week before we first got together it was Valentine’s Day and I sat alone in my room, watched The Rocky Horror Picture Show, and cried. I did not think that my situation would be changing any time soon. Some days I wake up and still think that it’s a dream. So one day the sucky days will be worth it.

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      • gryffindorqueen says:

        Haha that was unexpected! But I’m happy that it worked out for you 🙂 and yeah, this helps, for THOSE days 🙂 I always try keeping a positive mind anyways! Thanks Abby! you’re like Oprah 😀


  4. Karen says:

    Hey there! I understand how you feel! I was in a long relationship previously (6 years) and STILL felt that lonely feeling as friends moved on with their lives. But now, I started over with someone new so hopefully things will change! 😛

    But you shouldn’t let it get to you! You can do bad all by yourself. He will def come when it’s right 🙂

    Til then Kick ass girl! haha

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  5. Unraveling mystery says:

    At times…hell always i am waiting for my special someone …fingers crossed that one day we will too have our special somebody to speak of our hp references and they too will understnd our fandom references and enjoy them with us..a Snape-lily love story!

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