100+ follows! – A Celebration of Sorts!


I have been busy. VERY BUSY. Uni started 2 days back and I’m swamped already! I need to keep reading up on the basics as well as the new stuff every single day. Shit must stay in my head, at all times. That’s how it is when you’re studying for a Master’s degree in *cue horror tune* Engineering. Honestly! I have like 3 textbooks open in front of me, my worksheets and 2 YouTube videos paused on MIT lectures.

AND it’s only my THIRD day!

Anyhoo, other than the 2 minute silent panic attack that I had the day before, it’s all going good. I think it’s going to be alright. Ok, I’m going to stop, because this post isn’t what I had in mind, so let me get to it.

So, I reached 100+ followers a few days back so a BIG, HUMONGOUS THANK YOU is in order to each and every one of you guys! Whether you read all my posts, or just one of them, or even just the title, just, thank you. Also, I don’t care if you followed me only because I followed you, or you stumbled upon a post of mine by accident or you just hit follow for the sake of it, it really doesn’t matter because YOU FOLLOWED. Hence, I think you are pretty darn awesome 🙂

It’s a big deal for me because a 117 people, as of now, are reading whatever crap I spout on here! THANK YOU AWESOME PEEPS! HERE”S A COOKIE AND MY LOVE :D:D:D

I haven’t been posting regularly and I have so much to talk about! I have an award to complete and a million opinions about a million things just sitting there, at the back of my head! I will get to it asap, I need to split my concentration three ways (wordplay, what what!). One for my uni work, one for that website I spoke about in Awesome News!- An Interlude of sorts, and the other for my blog! I’ll do my best!

Again, thank you so much, you nerds! 🙂


WBG :)x


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