Types Of People You’ll Meet In College!

Hey nerds!

So, I finished college a month back and while I was reminiscing about all the crazy stuff I’ve done, I backtracked a little and focused on each and every person, friend or acquaintance or foe, that I’ve met and thought about the role each of them played during the 4 years I spent there. Then my brain felt kinda tired, since it’s vacation time for me, and it pleaded with me to stop thinking.

BUT THEN, I decided to make a list of the people I’ve met in college, and make it more general so that you guys could compare (or will compare in the future) too! Whether you’re done with college, still in college, or will be going soon, these are some of the people you’ve met/will meet in college. Let’s GO!

1) The Best Friend – First day of college, it’s like kindergarten all over again. New faces and you’ve already exhausted half your ability to make friends (the other half was high school). And then, this particular person comes along and you guys click! Essentially, they become your best friend for the next 3/4/5 years or until you dropout. For some people it may take a few days, getting to know your classmate or a roommate, and for the lucky ones you find your best friend sooner. I found mine on my first day. I was running late (sloppy) and I entered the already crowded classroom and ran up to the seat right in front. I asked the girl sitting next to it whether it was taken and she said no. Funny thing, it was already taken by one of her friends who had gone to the washroom. It was at that moment that the both of us realized we would be together forever! We still talk about it and whenever anyone asks “How’d you two get so close?”, we start off with this story.

2) The Star – In most of the cases, The Star is a senior. Everyone knows The Star. Everyone loves The Star. He or She is either a basketball or football or any sports player, or part of an awesome band, or is a really good dancer or just, generally a well-known person. All the professors know him/her. They get referred to all the time. They’re leaders of cool clubs and you just wanna get to know them! Bonus point if they’re super nice to you. My Best Friend and I made sure we spoke to all the important seniors, so that they would call us out of class for work, and we would walk out, looking all important when they call us by name. I had a crush on one 😛 but he ended up being a jerk.

3) The Bully – So, there will always be a group of boys (or girls but mostly boys) wherever you go that are rowdy. I get it, they’re fun and noisy and cool, but, BUT, they are also mean. They’re douchey and think they’re all so cool. Catcalls and nicknames. There are different ways to handle this lot. Either you ignore them, or you become friendly and join in the fun. I, of course, joined them. I know I know but they were fun! In fact, these guys were really helpful and protective and useful (hehe) to us! They knew how to handle each of the lecturers, which gate to climb over easily, etc.

4) The Hottie – yes, labels in college too. Now, it’s mostly the hottest girl on campus. Funny thing, in my college it was a friend of mine and she HATED the attention! It was hilarious! She tried to dress all sloppy on purpose but she was just too cute! I would feel sad when I watch her reject a million guys, but then I remember the funny part of it, her annoyance and I would laugh my ass off!

5) The Artist – Now this person knows his/her way into each of the clubs/groups on campus. We don’t follow the whole Greek fraternity weird thingies, but we had clubs. And they were fun! This person will get the pros and cons of each club, guarantee you a spot in it, and because of that, you get to meet SO many new people!

6) The Bird – This person knows the whole “who did what with whom and when and where” and not just the students, but also the teachers. But college, being different from high school, we don’t waste time on silly gossips and rumours and the likes, since we’re too busy getting shitfaced ourselves to bear the lectures.

7) The Fun Friend – This is the friend you and your Best Friend hang around with when you’ll go out to parties or just, regular hangouts. They’re fun and nice and pretty close to you. Everytime there’s a plan, they call you or you call them. I had such friends in different departments. The thing is, although we had our own groups, this particular gang always met up to go for a movie or go drinking. “The Slosh Gang”, we called ourselves.

8) The Dealer – Yes, it’s EXACTLY what you’re thinking. Best prices, best quality. Not the dangerous one, just the Bob Marley one. The first time I dealt with it, in my first year, I completed 3 assignments and studied a topic for a class test. Beat that!

9) The Spark – Ah. Love. Simply put, your crush in college. Now, this can either be just a college fling, or it could be something more, like the love of your life to whom you’ll eventually get married to soon after graduating!

10) The Foreign Friend – Every university in the world will definitely have people coming from different countries. They all stay together because they’re in a completely different place and they find comfort in people they know, so cut them some slack. Be nice, make friends. This is also a very good opportunity to learn about different cultures, like what I did was ask them to teach me all the bad words in their language. Take it slow with them and you’ll find that they are fun!

I’ve met a million more but they all fall into one of the above categories!

I loved college. I think it was around that time that I really got to know more about myself, discovered my dreams and my passion, spent time with some of the most amazing people I’ve ever met. I did things I’m not proud of, but I learnt a hell lot about people.

I keep saying that I did a buttload of fun crazy stuff, but this post is long enough already! So, I’ll make another post explaining, in vivid detail, my adventures in college!

College, you could say, is something that should be experienced.


WBG :)x


17 thoughts on “Types Of People You’ll Meet In College!

  1. Abby Z. says:

    Awesome post! I am looking forward to hearing more about your college experience. If you had a category called “The Nerd” that’s where I would be – I worked so hard in college to get into law school and sometimes feel like I didn’t have enough fun! I did make some good friends and meet my husband though, so there’s that. 🙂

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