I Really Don’t Get It.

It is so weird that when you try portraying something or putting yourself out there, you come off as something different in the eyes of another person or a group of people.

When you’re happy, people envy you and wish for misfortunes to befall on you.

When you’re sad, they think you crave attention and their pity.

When you try to help, they assume you’re trying to sabotage their lives.

When you’re confident, they find you cocky.

When you’re trying to be friendly, you’re branded a flirt.

When you finally learn to love yourself, you’re an ego-maniac.

When you’re loud, you’re an attention seeker.

When you prefer being quiet, you’re weird.

When you talk too much, they find you annoying.

When you talk too little, they call you arrogant.

When you cry, people call you weak.

When you stop caring, you’re a heartless bitch.

This is not the case ALL the time, of course, but you can’t deny that this is the case MAJORITY of the time.

Why is that? What’s programming our brains this way? Is it the society’s notions? Is it something being portrayed on the media?

OR is it because there is a little darkness inside each and every one of us, that blinds the light?

I don’t get it.



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