Awesome News! – An interlude of sorts.

Hey guys!

So this isn’t like one of my regular posts, no, this is something personal!

So, a few weeks back, one of my friend’s cousin contacted me through Whatsapp. She’s said that she’s heard all about me through her cousin, my friend, about the fact that I read a lot, I’m pretty good at writing, and how much I enjoy correcting people’s grammar, being the Grammar Nazi that I am. So, obviously, I was curious because I have no clue who she is and my first thought was that this whole thing was a prank or some lame ruse. But she assured me, later, that it wasn’t and told me the reason for her contacting me.

She’s part of a team that’s working on this new satirical website and she wanted to know if I was willing to join. I said yes, of course! But since I’ll be starting uni in a week for my Master’s, she’s given me a one-article-per-week slot! And this wouldn’t come in the way of my studies and assignments! Naturally, I agreed! I am SO SO SO EXCITED! I already sent my first article to the editor! YAY!

It’s still pretty new so once it’s all done and the foundation is steady, I will let you guys know more about the website and you can check it out! Till then, I’ll tell you how it goes 🙂

I was just excited and I wanted to post about it!

Cheers, my lovely nerds! :)x


7 thoughts on “Awesome News! – An interlude of sorts.

  1. Alex Könst says:

    Congratulations, Pooja! That’s so cool! 🙂 Yes, do keep us posted! 😀
    Btw, I finally posted The Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award 🙂 You can check it out on my blog ❤

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