Three articles that restored my faith in humanity!

Hey guys! 🙂

OK before I begin to ramble, let me get a few points straight:

1) This isn’t a “Top whatever-number” of whatever-music list of 2015 or anything entertainment related of the sort.

2) Not about Caitlyn Jenner.

3) Not a list of things to do, places to go and all that pish posh the high and mighty spout.

4) Again, not about Caitlyn Jenner (I don’t keep up with that tribe)

What this post is, it’s about some of the nicest things I’ve seen or heard about from either through the international or the local news, the radio and of course, the internet! In a world where people don’t give a rat’s fart to their surroundings, it’s a surprise to see these actions take place, and also kind of sad that simple acts of kindness tend to surprise us. Here are some of the news that made waves:

1) The Dancing Man

This one was really popular and made waves across the Internet. It all started when pictures of a man, dancing, was posted online with the caption “Spotted this specimen trying to dance the other week. He stopped when he saw us laughing.” But, a bunch of ladies felt bad and they decided to hold a dance party in L.A. in his honour where he was invited to dance his heart out, and let me just say, the cyber-bullies got O.W.N.E.D.

2) Blind Trust Project

A blindfolded Mustafa Malawa stood on the street, in Canada, his arms outstretched, with a sign at his feet that said “I am a Muslim. I am labelled as a terrorist. I trust you. Do you trust me? Give me a hug.This was a YouTube sensation with over 2 million views! The Canadian was taking part in a social experiment “to eliminate the fear and ignorance projected towards Muslims and Islam.” Needless to say, passers-by stopped and gave him a hug. Apparently, the Canadians are polite AND kind! 🙂

3) Dying Dog’s Bucket List 

When Lauren Watt discovered that her English Mastiff, Gizelle, had terminal bone cancer, she came up with a bucket list of adventures to ensure that her best friend had the last best days of her life. So, they packed and went on an adventure to Times Square, Washington Park, etc., and she even got to meet Santa! That Gizelle was one lucky girl, God bless her.

There were a good many things that have happened this year, but the above 3 articles had a big impact on me since I love animals and I advocate against racists and judgmental people.

Look, all I’m trying to say is that people, in general, can be mean. It’s in the nature of humans to immediately scorn or scoff at whatever you do. Be that as it may, don’t let it get to you 🙂 Be nice to people. You never know when someone’s having a bad day.

Recently I did a little experiment of sorts. I woke up one morning and decided that I would be kind to people I come across. Honestly, it was so so SO hard for me because I joke around a lot and I’m mostly sarcastic. So, I started the day off with wishing my parents, giving them the thumbs-up when they left for work, even while they exchanged a suspicious glance, met my friends and complimented them, lent an extra hundred to the driver and came home feeling…….light. Yes, light. Can’t think of another word to describe the feeling. Maybe, “content”?

Or you could also make a list of random acts of kindness. Nothing too big, of course, all well within your limits. I’ve been wanting to try this out for months but something’s been holding me back. So, I guess I’ll keep this for my birthday next year!

So, how about you guys (or whoever randomly stumbled upon this post) try this out? 🙂 Just for a day and see how it goes! If you actually do this, I WANT TO KNOW! So, please comment alright?

And remember, If you can’t be kind, shut the hell up!

Until next time dudes,

WBG :)x


8 thoughts on “Three articles that restored my faith in humanity!

  1. Alex Könst says:

    Hi there!
    I like the first one a lot. People are really insecure, and we worsen our own insecurities when we are being bullied about it. I like the fact that something was done and that those cyberbullies were put in their, urm, “respective” places. Haha 😀

    Liked by 1 person

    • gryffindorqueen says:

      Yes, I agree with you. What’s worse is that rather than helping or encouraging each other, people tend to put down others just to make themselves feel better. I wish there was a way to stop this :/


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