Namastey! (or “-ey”, idk how it’s spelt)

Hey guys! 🙂

Well, first of all, this is my tenth blog that I’ve decided to start on an impulse (no surprises there), and let me just say, I know how hard it is to maintain one. I’m a college student. When uni isn’t grinding my ass, the countless number of assignments and essays do. Anyhoo, not complaining, that’s life, but I will say that this blog will not be given up on, like it’s other 9 siblings (R.I.P). I will make sure that this stays alive and it’s easy because as I grow up, I realize I get frustrated more frequently, and rather than channeling my anger into punching people, I’d rather channel it to something non-violent (Gandhi, mofos). Hence, the blog.

Moving on from the rather long introduction (I’m easily distracted….look! a butterfly!), I’m that Weird Brown Girl, who talks about anything and everything! Whether it’s books, tv shows, people, life, love, ghosts.,etc, anything! I could be talking about why I hate terrorism and immediately switch to why guys don’t get periods. Yeah, if you’re into ish like that, you’ll be right at home! I could also talk about things I absolutely have no clue about, but then there’s Google and Wikipedia helping me in life, as always.

So hope you read it, by some miracle, like what I write. Do comment or send feedbacks. Talk to me, I won’t bite 🙂

Cheers, WBG :)x


8 thoughts on “Namastey! (or “-ey”, idk how it’s spelt)

  1. shiivani says:

    Omg good luck with your blog. Btw, I’ve always wanted to be in gryffindor. Oh well. And I think it’s NamastE not NamastEY. But I’m not sure.


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